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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The house may be falling apart, so to speak.

Two of us have jobs. And out of the two, one of those guys has so many bills the most he has been able to come up in terms of rent is $100.

I only wish i was one of the employed. Maybe then i could bail us out of this potential disaster. At least help the cause, perhaps.

But now for me it's down to a 'quit while you're ahead' deal. I'm caught up with the bills despite the lack of employment, but March 1st is just around the corner, and it doesn't look that great.

Now if Rob would only send me that demo, then maybe i'd have something to work with.
So everyone yell at Rob for being to busy, and unable to do my bidding whenever i need him to drop everything.

Fucking hell Rob.

9:46 AM


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Guess what?

Valentines sucks.

Yep. Not a fan at all. Not that i hate it, but indifferent.
Hallmark holidays don't mean quite so much if you can't afford the card.

Check back later today for more.
Sleepy time now.

8:34 AM


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

and one more thing.

for those interested (and you should be interested), the jody has posted recently.

and i have to admit it's amongst one of my favorites from him.


4:29 AM


so i have this constant debate in my internal self, being

"do i blog, with nothing really interesting to relate?"


"do i not blog at all?"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usfuck it. you know i'm going to blog periodically.
I've been having trouble coming to grips with the fact that i need to settle down somewhere, well, to some degree at least.

And i somehow manage to come upon this while being stuck in the midwest.

Was it the midwest that did it to me, or was it time?

I've got a lot of ideas for shorts pounding around in my gray haired little mind of late. And there are others that seem interested in working on them, but

if you've ever tried to get indie projects off the ground before, especially with the young and the optimistic, you learn really fast that it's mostly talk, and mostly optimism that take those conversations anywhere, and hardly ever any ambition to see something complete, something inspired, something worth doing, and do well.

Jokes are funny to shoot. But that's about it.

I'm not a comedian, but just a guy who, when working on something, forgets to eat, sleep, and has zero perception of time.

except that he knows time slips by, and there is hardly anything to show for it.
because he has always been hopeful that the one brilliant day will come, the one idea that will be the fuel to get him on higher ground.

And now i place my wrist to my forehead and sigh...

fucking writers.
fucking artistic types.

we are the shittiest breed, hands down.

and why the fuck can't blogger spell check recognize the word 'blog'?

4:07 AM


Friday, February 04, 2005

i decided that it has been far to long, so i am going to the movies today.

ever since i moved out to this podunk joint, my life went into slow motion.
funny how i think a trip to the theatres will rectify that, but in a way it will.
at least i will be semi-current on recent pop-media and such.

which is far better than the radio.

10:39 AM


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I've spoken to a few friends back in the ATL, asking what they thought of the new pup.

"The husky? Cute as hell..."

"No, no, no; The pitbull."

"What pitbull?"

About a week from this past Saturday i got the option to foster a two yrold male pit named Tyson.
Awesome dog.

The lady who had him before me had nine dogs in her home. All adult. All male. 4 Danes, and 5 pits.

The one she gave me made a go for alpha, and nearly killed her dane, practically ripping out his throat.

So she gave him to me.
Awesome dog.
Not becasue he did an amazing act of violence, because i could hardly give a shit about that sort of thing in terms of "oh how fucking cool", but a great pup in terms of how trained and loyal this guy is right off the bat.

You should hear him when someone comes into my room while i'm sleeping.

If you want to see him, look at the buzznet.


Remember when i last got arrested?
Well, court finally ended for that. They had wanted me to get my liscence back before sentencing so i could plea under 'driving w/ out a liscence'.

Only problem is that the State of NC thinks i not only live in Cali, but have a DL there, and while passing through NC, about 8 years ago, got a ticket, and never paid it off.

I did live in L.A. for a time, but i moved away when i was 14.
And no, i never had a DL there.
But i have been to NC. And yes, i've had a ticket there. Or two.

Ok, maybe three +....
But i've paid them all off.
Scout's honor.

needless to say that was never rectified, so i go into court unprepared as usual.

I think i really irritated them. The DA requested that i have 10 days in jail, suspended, $100 fine, and drop it.

He said" Your honor, i think this is costing the tax payers more than it's worth at this point. State recomends..."

No shit asshole.

Find a crime with a victim for once. Pursue that matter.
On that note, here's a little dance movie starring a roomie of mine. enjoy.

It's really lame, and not worth your time to watch.

I'm serious.


9:12 AM


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A special thanks to the Greek today for his christmas present that arrived in the mail today.

1: Baldur's Gate 2, previously opened, and i assume played by the greek himself.

2: The movie "Ravenous". I am amongst a select few who actually love this movie about wendigos and cannibalism.

I think the actual number is 8.

The Greek is not one of them,
But Rob is.

The movie was not opened or previously viewed.

3: A self addressed envelope along with an attached post-it note.
"dude, can i borrow Fable?"

my friends know me well.

not good at all.

4:46 AM


Saturday, January 22, 2005


I know it's no tsunami, but, when the wind blows your bedroom window right off the frame and onto your floor...

yeah, kinda freaky.

4:59 AM


Thursday, January 20, 2005

I'd like to dedicate this post to Rob:

Crate training a puppy is a bitch.
I bet he would have liked to have done that with his kids, minus feeding them a rawhide or pig ear.

Just got over a Sodak winter heatwave.
Believe it or not, it got up to a nice crisp 20 above.
I got to smoke outside without having to bundle up like the kid from "A Christmas Story".
But now it's over and i'm back to being a starfish.

I discovered a neighbor of mine owns a llama.
Not sure why, other than to say "Hey. Look. I have a llama...".
And then we'd reply, saying, "Yup. Sure do.... It looks cold."

A tumbleweed passes by...

I'm going out for a small business loan soon.

Wish me luck.

4:18 AM


Saturday, January 15, 2005

Rob vs. Bunny in my comments:

Says Bunny:
you cheeky so-and-so.


ooo. look at my dramatic way of breaking up thoughts.


i'm rob the "conservative intellectual."

5:12 PM


I'd like to share with you these latest of greatest search hits.

Little did i know that the name of my former probation officer shared a name with a teen amatuer porn star thingy...

02 Jan, Sun, 14:30:21 Google: yawning vibration
03 Jan, Mon, 05:59:36 Google: gunther trend
03 Jan, Mon, 23:20:14 MSN Search: Rapist in the mid 1970's Texas
03 Jan, Mon, 23:45:33 Google: "lindsay marshall"+"cheerleader"
05 Jan, Wed, 19:17:44 MSN Search: MN HOUSEWIFE ESCORTS
07 Jan, Fri, 09:49:21 Google: get er done shirts
07 Jan, Fri, 20:50:49 MSN Search: pictues of leaning tower of pisa
08 Jan, Sat, 19:03:31 Google: +"university of sioux falls" +lawsuit
08 Jan, Sat, 22:18:40 Yahoo: girls fucking Sioux Falls, SD
09 Jan, Sun, 00:24:53 Google: 49th man
10 Jan, Mon, 12:01:40 Google: thirsty duck and sioux falls phone number
13 Jan, Thu, 13:50:58 Yahoo: Gitchee Manitou, SD
14 Jan, Fri, 15:54:31 Google: ways of a pediphile
14 Jan, Fri, 16:44:41 Google: ftp un long dimanche de fiancailles

1:12 PM


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI feel a big post coming on.

I hadn't really checked this thing in a few days. Time just getting away from me. Well, that and having a canine version of an infant.

I also know why there are no smokers in Star Wars. You see, there is no way in hell Luke would've been able to sneak in a smoke here or there while on Hoth. Impossible. His ass would be caught by that robot that guards the hottub cylindar.

It is so ridiculously fucking cold here in the sodak that when i breathe in through my nose, not only does it shoot stinging pain into my cranium (like an 'too much ice cream' headache), but i can feel every bit of moisture freeze upon inhale, then melt at exhale.

Last night was The Lunar Funk Theory @ the Brickhouse/ DT Sioux Falls. I'm not a 'jamband' guy, but it was nice to catch some live music for a change. The reason i went, however, was so i could shoot their show. This makes the second shoot i've done for them. First one was at the VFW.

That's right.

I attended a show at the 'Veterans of Foreign Wars' legion. A jamband show. Crowd filled with hippies, walls lined with photos of Vets from WW2/1 as well as Vietnam.

So i've decided not to say whether or not i'm putting video up.
If it shows up it does, and whatever.
If i do a cut for them, then it may show, but as it stands my record sucks.
I'm a big boy. I know when i dropped the ball.

oh, and speaking of which...

let's move on from the fucking dog, alright? you got a blog, you got your internet connection back.
you wanna maintain these sporadic updates on The Life And Times Of Shaun, give us something besides all these half-assed pleas for sympathy and approval - give us a frenzied gut-check every coupla days and nothing else.
or get off the fence and commit to slamming something out every 23 hours - even the cutesy lump in the throat shit - but do it every day. give us The Daily Strife And Mind Of Shaun Katz.
this halfway bullshit is getting tired. work this thing or stop pretending for fuck's sake.

Image Hosted by

I only had one dog post.
Approval? Sympathy?

But i think this is funny:
xMutant Geniusx (2:42:40 PM): did you read rob's last reply... sounds like dude is living vicariously through you or something
xMutant Geniusx (2:42:53 PM): and he hasn't been getting his fix
jailybrokenstein (3:02:26 PM): sorry, had to run real quick
jailybrokenstein (3:02:33 PM): reply to what?
xMutant Geniusx (3:02:35 PM): no prob
xMutant Geniusx (3:02:47 PM): your last entry on your blog
jailybrokenstein (3:03:27 PM): wow
jailybrokenstein (3:03:32 PM): i just saw that
jailybrokenstein (3:06:11 PM): a bit testy, isn't he?
xMutant Geniusx (3:06:52 PM): yeah just a lil
xMutant Geniusx (3:07:06 PM): maybe he hasn't been getting enough bran in his diet
xMutant Geniusx (3:07:31 PM): and he's all bound up

especially when Rob uses the phrase 'give us a frenzied gut-check'.

But for the rest of you, the dog is doing great.

I'm about three seconds away from throwing his liquid shitting ass out a window,

but i love him all the same.

8:06 AM


Sunday, January 09, 2005

I'd like you to say hello to my new best friend.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt took me a while to name him.

I mean, the possibilites are endless.
And most of those are lame.

Cat. Sparky. Hooch(Turner). Dog. Sodak. XBOX. Chaos. Deathbringer. Kitten. PBR.

All of the above were suggested. And considering that this pic was taken form the Sioux Falls Humane Society's website, and they regularly have inmates working there as 'volunteers', (who wear 'oranges' as pictured right) i actually contemplated naming him "jaily"

On Dec. 31st, someone decided it just wasn't worth having a litter of ten new puppies. I can kind of understand. Actually i really can understand.

What a handful.

So they drop them off at the night box. Three days later they go off quarantine, and become availible for adoption.

Three days later i wander in and see this guy.

Half black lab, half siberian husky. 5 weeks old and already about 7 lbs.

His name is Gitchee.

First thing i ever did up here.
First dog i've ever owned.

Seemed fitting.

(and i think Cole would approve.)

7:23 AM


Thursday, January 06, 2005

can someone explain to me how i got a hit form here?


4:50 PM


So maybe this time i will be able to keep a consistent blog habit.


We moved in early on the first. Big house. Six bedroom, two bath, on 1.66 acres of land. I have an unfinished studiomattached to the garage, seperate from the house. We even have a pond in the yard, though it is dried up and filled with misc. construction debris.

Ahh, the country life.

The day after we moved in, it snowed, and that finally stopped less than 12 hours ago. They say we got 16inches. This is the most snow i've seen (aside from man-made) in my entire life.
I have to admit it is beautiful, but it's snow and therefore a pain in the ass to do anything but wrap yourself up in as much clothing as possible and wait it out. I've never been one much for outdoor activities, and find myself ill prepared for these types.

I imagine myself attempting to snow board and just start laughing. That would be some funny shit.

Living with five others is interesting as well. it's the most folks i've ever lived with, so i guess this winter is about pusihing the personal record as well as a constant excercise in patience and adjustment.

And we could all use a bit of that i suppose.

But it doesn't stop me from being Bossy the Cow.

And for those of you who are worried, there is no way i'm driving in this shit. I've almost been put into numerous ditches, trees, animals, embankements, and, of course, other vehicles.

Ah, i almost forgot, i have a new job at Chevy's as a bartender. That used to be the old 'Rio Bravo', until they changed their name, possibly in light of the fact that Chevy Chase bought them out, but i need a fact checker for that.

Guess how much i enjoy this job.

4:33 PM


Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Shit. Finally made it into the new house.

Finally have the internet hooked and ready to go.
And if we weren't retards we could figure the magic trick to getting cat5's to work properly(build them that is...)

Six of us packed into a house in the suburb of the middle of nowhere.
I have much to say, but in the meantime visit-

10:51 PM


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

11 years ago, as of yesterday...

Christmas went as well as to be expected.

I hung out with some Catholics who were kind enough to feed Pettigrew and i, both being family-less for the holidays. The Catholics holed up in the local Church-driven highschool (guess they had the right connections to take over the place and host their 'little' gathering), and spoke, ate and acted as mid-west as you could imagine...


Catholic families are anything but 'little'.

See, it's John's deal. His family, his invite. John is one of the new roomies. He's into sports and such. Not that he's rapist jock, but more of how he was raised.

Being such, an uncle of his approached us, and commented about how interested he was to meet John's future roommates, because he heard they were 'arty types'.

"Arty", i guess, can be translated into 'doesn't make it a point to watch Monday Night Football', or play Madden incessantly .

After sneaking off to the back parking lot to smoke cigarettes in the wonderful ten degrees of temperature we were given that day, Pettigrew and I headed to the theatres to spend the rest of our day. Aside from the truck stop, nothing in this town was open.

Man, how i took the convienece of Waffle House for granted...

We saw 'Life Aquatic', and then snuck into 'Ocean's 12"

It only seemed appropriate...

So. I later spent my evening in the Flyin' J truckstop diner.

And i didn't get my white Christmas that i was positive i would get this year. Of all the places to not get any snow yet, it's fucking SoDak.

I just don't understand this at all.

And then this evening i ran into some friends.
They had asked me how my holiday went.
I replied, saying "Oh, i just went to the movies and shit..."
The drunk guy in the booth behind us could've sworn i said "that guy back there is a piece of shit.", meaning him, of course.

He then proceeded to try and fight me.

He then had to spend the night in jail because someone called the cops on him.

All because of his guilty conscience.

7:36 AM


Thursday, December 23, 2004

It has been decided.

For Christmas this year, everyone i know is getting restraining orders.


2:57 PM


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